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The Jamaican Canadian Cultural Association of British Columbia (JCCABC) is a registered non-profit organization which was incorporated on December 23, 1999, under the umbrella of the National Council of Jamaicans and Supportive Organizations in Canada (NCJSOC).  The primary goal of the JCCABC is to utilize creative methods and formats to support Jamaican immigrants living in BC and promote the Jamaican culture within the context of diversity and cultural sensitivity.  The JCCABC has been working collaboratively with community partners including local politicians, RCMP, and the Health Authority to build and promote unity among diverse people with diverse beliefs and cultural backgrounds, to create communities of trust, respect, equity, social and political engagement, and health promotion.  The JCCABC strives to achieve its goals through active community engagement, hosting annual social events, community outreach, providing post-secondary scholarship and is committed to identifying and responding to the needs of Jamaican immigrants/newcomers to BC


To work independent of and in consort with other Associations to improve social, economic, and multi-cultural climate of British Columbia. To preserve and promote Jamaican Culture. To foster good relations between people of Jamaican heritage and others in the Canadian Society. To represent the concerns of Jamaican residents in British Columbia. To connect new immigrants of Jamaican descent, assist in employment, housing search, and general adaptation into the community. Assist Jamaicans in fostering good relations with community police. To help finance and support projects beneficial to The Jamaican Community in British Columbia The British Columbia Community. To sponsor awards and scholarships for academic, technical, athletic or any other socio-cultural excellence.


Jamaican Canadian Cultural Association of BC
P.O Box 33642
2820 – 10153 King George Boulevard
Surrey, BC
V3T 5R5